Tier III Operational Sustainability

The highest level of Uptime Tier certification is Operational Sustainability, which identifies and assesses underlying risks and behaviors that are outside of the scope of data center design and construction, but may have a significant impact on the long-term availability of the data center.

Certification achieved in 2014 and 2017.

TIER III Operational Sustainability-Gold confirms:

  • N+1 redundancy of the entire engineering infrastructure with concurrent maintainability;
  • Effective management and operation of data center;
  • Scheduled and corrective maintenance procedures for every system and unit of equipment within the data center.

TIER III Operations Gold covers multi-level analysis by Uptime Institute experts based on more than 60 criteria, including data center:

  • Operating conditions;
  • Staff qualification and training;
  • Preventive maintenance programs;
  • Building characteristics;
  • Risk of man-made disasters.


Operation without stopages since launching in 2012

Certification of operation department staff

DataSpace data center is the first facility in continental Europe to have successfully completed the full cycle of Tier III Gold certification by the Uptime Institute

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