DataSpace speaks at the data center 2016 conference

DataSpace speaks at the Data Center 2016 conference 15.09.2016

DataSpace speaks at the Data Center 2016 conference

Data Center 2016, Russia’s leading professional event for companies that design, build and operate data centers, took place on September 14, 2016.

Nikolai Shemetov, Technical Director, and Artur Myagkih, Implementation and Infrastructure Deployment Specialist, DataSpace gave a presentation on data center power efficiency during the Data Center Design, Construction and Operation workshop. Nikolai and Artur covered the methodology for calculating data center power efficiency, including cooling efficiency simulations using specialized CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software. CFD simulations and analysis can be used to optimize the use of available resources, reducing capital and operational expenses of the company.

Vladimir Nikolaev, Head of Business Development at MB Technologies LLC, gave a presentation on development and deployment of the Moscow Exchange IT services at the DataSpace data center during the IT Infrastructure, Cloud and Data Center Services workshop.

During the conference, Sergey Rasskazov, General Director, DataSpace, took part in the panel discussion devoted to new ways of increasing the revenue of commercial data centers.

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