KIT Finance Broker Selects DataSpace As Its Primary Data Center Site

KIT Finance Broker Selects DataSpace As Its Primary Data Center Site

KIT Finance Broker Selects DataSpace As Its Primary Data Center Site

KIT Finance Broker, one of the largest Russian broker companies, has successfully completed the testing of its IT systems, deployed at the DataSpace1 data center.

The company became the first Moscow Exchange trading company to follow the exchange to DataSpace1, its new primary data center location.

By deploying IT equipment at the same data center as the Moscow Exchange, KIT Finance Broker will benefit from the minimum latency between its servers and the trading platform of the exchange. This will ensure near instant execution of operations with maximum reliability and efficiency when trading on the Moscow Exchange, significantly contributing to the quality of brokerage services.

DataSpace is offering a dedicated Proximity data hall for Moscow Exchange traders, adjacent to the data hall used by the exchange. This data hall is equipped with cutting edge telecommunications equipment and high-speed high capacity data channels.

"By co-locating our equipment in the same data center as the Moscow Exchange we will be able to significantly decrease any risk of telecommunication outages and minimize trading latency", says Yuri Aleynikov, Head of Infrastructure development and Support at KIT Finance Broker. "We are confident that by partnering with the highly reliable DataSpace1 data center we will be able to improve the availability of our services and their value to our customers."

"Maximum level of reliability and availability is the cornerstone of fault-free processing of transactions", says Sergey Rasskazov, General Director, DataSpace Partners. "DataSpace is offering KIT Finance the highest level of services backed up by a solid service level agreement. We hope that the unparalleled safety and security of our Tier III certified data center, as well as the special rates will attract even more brokers to deploy and test their equipment at DataSpace."

In August 2015, KIT Finance Broker has started its operations at the DataSpace1 data center that now hosts a fully functional trading circuit, in addition to the one at the M1 data center.

The Moscow Exchange infrastructure at DataSpace1 data center will be put into commercial operation in the beginning of 2017.


About KIT Finance Broker -

KIT Finance Broker (legal name - KIT Finance, LLC) was established in 2000 and is one of the largest brokers in Russia, specializing in providing brokerage services for financial institutions, corporate and private investors in the stock market, bonds, and futures contracts. The company was awarded a maximum reliability rating -(AAA) by the National Rating Agency.

KIT Finance is a subsidiary of KIT Finance Group, owned by by Blagosostoyanie private pension fund.

KIT Finance Broker holds unlimited licenses of the professional participant of the securities market issued by FFMS of Russia for brokerage services No. 078-06525-100000 dd. 14.10.2003, securities management No. 178-13670-001000 dd. 26.04.2012, dealer activities No. 078-06539 -010 000 dd 14.10.2003, depository activities No.178-06467-000100 dd. 03.10.2003

KIT Finance Broker contacts:

Tatyana Atamanova, Lead Specialist, PR and Advertising, KIT Finance Broker
Т: +7 (812) 611 00 00 (ext. 44024)
Т: 8 800 700 00 55

About DataSpace:

DataSpace, a Russian company, is a major commercial data center operator in the Moscow market. DataSpace1 data center was put into operation in 2012 as the first facility in Russia, and the fifth in the entire world, to have successfully passed all three levels of Uptime Institute international certification: Tier III Design, Tier III Facility and Tier III Operational Sustainability-Gold. DataSpace focuses on comprehensive data center management and offers unrestricted access to IT and Telecom service providers, thanks to its flexible, neutral approach and extensive partnership programs with all the major telecom and service providers. DataSpace customers include major Russian and international financial and telecommunication companies. Find out more about DataSpace at

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