Our data center cooling system incorporates two coolant loops:

  • Internal chilled water loop
  • External loop with an ethylene glycol coolant agent
  • To save space and elevate cooling equipment, DataSpace1’s innovative data center employs an elevated steel gantry structure solution. Gantry dimensions and cooling equipment layout are optimized to maximize airflow through the chillers and dry air coolers, providing optimal heat exchange between the coolant and the external air.
  • All chillers and dry air coolers are N+1 redundant (distributed redundancy). The design of coolant piping and shutoff valves enables isolation and shutoff of any single chiller or dry air cooler without compromising the cooling capacity required for data center operations –N.
  • DataSpace1 data center’s innovative design takes advantage of free cooling technology (limiting or avoiding the use of chillers during winter and fall seasons), leading to significantly lower power consumption, a sizable reduction in operating costs and an average PUE of 1.5.
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