• Guaranteed power supply for your racks at any time
  • Efficient cooling of servers and network equipment, including blade server systems
  • High level of physical security
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Peerless level of operational excellence, awarded with the Tier III GOLD certification from the Uptime Institute

Colocation services

Private Data Hall

Your TIER III UPTIME GOLD certified Data Centre. DataSpace’s data hall lease option is a complete solution for your main or backup data center needs.

Rack Location Units

DataSpace data center offers space in our data hall for colocation of your racks of various sizes. All racks are installed in uniform rows and connected to power supply, tailored to the requirements of your rack equipment.



By renting racks in DataSpace, you choose the best solution in terms of operational expenses, if you are planning to change, add or remove your equipment on a fairly regular basis.

40 Communication


DataSpace data center has a robust ecosystem of more than 35 telecom providers, ensuring the highest levels of connectivity.

Data center customers at their own discretion determine telecom providers they need - DataSpace is neutral with respect to providers of telecommunications services and invites operators to cooperate.

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Associated Services


Extended Technical Support

Our highly qualified and experienced team of technical support professionals is ready to offer remote management and support services for your IT equipment 24*7*365.


Infrastructure Equipment

Our server racks offer the lowest air flow resistance, enabling consistent and efficient heat removal. The design of the server rack can accommodate virtually any equipment installation requirements, and DataSpace is ready to advise you on the optimal installation of your critical equipment within the rack to ensure its uninterrupted availability.


Cage Colocation

DataSpace offers dedicated cage colocation services inside our colocation data halls. All cages are reinforced and equipped with separate locked doors in order to accommodate strictest physical security requirements of your IT systems

CFD Simulation

Data Center CFD simulation is a suite of technical tools andsolutions that can be employed during data center design, construction and operations.

Multiple sources of heat and coldmake accounting for them manually nearly impossible, whileCFD simulation enables precise simulation of operational data center environment and visualize cooling in a form that is easy to use and comprehend.


Our Clients

Moscow Exchange


DataSpace has been our colocation services provider since August 2012. During this time, DataSpace team has always acted in a professional, proactive, and competent manner, assisting us in implementation, operation and support of our equipment during our ongoing projects.


Reliability, flexibility, high level of security, uninterrupted services and the ability to ensure the steady growth of our website and mobile applications — these are perhaps, the main criteria for us when selecting a data center. Since the beginning of the year, we have been using the services of DataSpace and we are extremely satisfied with the level of cooperation.

As one of the largest on-line platforms in Russia, we find it extremely important for our data center services provider to comply with the requirements of international certification programs. DataSpace facility was the first data center in Russia to complete the full certification program under the Uptime Institute Tier III certification (Design, Facility, and Operations). Additionally, DataSpace is certified under the PCI DSS standard. This means that DataSpace is a facility that is able to safely and securely store and process cardholder information, which is extremely important for the future strategic development of Avito.


Continuous access to our equipment and the highest level of service are really important to us. And DataSpace has never given us any opportunity to doubt the choice we’ve made. Thanks to the high professionalism of customer service and rapid response of operations team there have been zero issues with availability of our services throughout our time with DataSpace. Uninterrupted availability of data center services, strict adherence to operations procedures and concurrent maintenance capabilities fully meet the stated Tier III resiliency level.

Azbuka Vkusa

We’ve had a great rapport with DataSpace team right from the beginning of our negotiations. DataSpace engineering and operations staff has always provided a prompt and competent answer to all our questions and advised us on the selection and best placement of our equipment. We were pleasantly surprised by the knowledge and professionalism of your team.


Uninterrupted operation of our trading platform and security of our data are critical for us. Over 200 000 companies use Fabrikant. Largest state-owned companies, such as Rosatom and United Shipbuilding corporation use or platform to place their procurement orders. When we were selecting a data center, it was very important to us that DataSpace1 had all three Tier III certificates confirming the quality of design, construction and operations.


Thanks to prompt response to our queries, the high level of professionalism on the part of the customer support specialists at DataSpace, we always get the best and highest level of service.

BPC Banking Technologies

I’d like to commend the highest level of professionalism of your team at every stage ot the project. Everything was done on time, with top quality and meticulous attention to details, which has enabled us to launch our services precisely at the scheduled time.


We are pleased by the fact that throughout all our time together, the level of your colocation services remains the highest on the Russian commercial data centers market. Your sustainability is your main advantage.

The General Radio Frequency Centre

Our server deployment project required an number of unorthodox engineering, management and logistics solutions. But thank to choosing DataSpace as our data center services provider, we were able to implement all required solutions on time, with excellent quality and at the highest professional level.


We would like to commend DataSpace Customer Support on their 24*7*365 availability and prompt resolution of any support tickets that we create. The customer-oriented approach of DataSpace staff helps us clear any issues as soon as they arise.


Over the course of our cooperation we became convinced that Dataspace is the right choice of data center services provider for us, because in addition to data center services, they offer consistently high level of support at every stage of our project, including contract negotiations, equipment move-in, telecom operator selection and additional services. We recommend the DataSpace data center to anyone who requires highest level of resilience, reliability and service.

Info-Content BEEPER

Our long cooperation has proven that we were right to choose DataSpace out of any other data center in Moscow. Throughout our cooperation, DataSpace has repeatedly confirmed its organizational and technological excellence in data center construction and operations.

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