• Guaranteed power supply for your racks at any time
  • Efficient cooling of servers and network equipment, including blade server systems
  • High level of physical security
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Peerless level of operational excellence, awarded with the Tier III GOLD certification from the Uptime Institute

Colocation services

Private Data Hall

Your TIER III UPTIME GOLD certified Data Centre. DataSpace’s data hall lease option is a complete solution for your main or backup data center needs.

Rack Location Units

DataSpace data center offers space in our data hall for colocation of your racks of various sizes. All racks are installed in uniform rows and connected to power supply, tailored to the requirements of your rack equipment.



By renting racks in DataSpace, you choose the best solution in terms of operational expenses, if you are planning to change, add or remove your equipment on a fairly regular basis.

44 Providers


DataSpace data center has a robust ecosystem of more than 44 telecom providers, ensuring the highest levels of connectivity.

Data center customers at their own discretion determine telecom providers they need - DataSpace is neutral with respect to providers of telecommunications services and invites operators to cooperate.

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Associated Services


Extended Technical Support

Our highly qualified and experienced team of technical support professionals is ready to offer remote management and support services for your IT equipment 24*7*365.


Infrastructure Equipment

Our server racks offer the lowest air flow resistance, enabling consistent and efficient heat removal. The design of the server rack can accommodate virtually any equipment installation requirements, and DataSpace is ready to advise you on the optimal installation of your critical equipment within the rack to ensure its uninterrupted availability.


Cage Colocation

DataSpace offers dedicated cage colocation services inside our colocation data halls. All cages are reinforced and equipped with separate locked doors in order to accommodate strictest physical security requirements of your IT systems

CFD Simulation

Data Center CFD simulation is a suite of technical tools andsolutions that can be employed during data center design, construction and operations.

Multiple sources of heat and coldmake accounting for them manually nearly impossible, whileCFD simulation enables precise simulation of operational data center environment and visualize cooling in a form that is easy to use and comprehend.


Our Clients

Moscow Exchange

Press release: Moscow exchange chose DataSpace as a data center service provider (11.11.2014)


Vyacheslav Tsyganov
Vice President, information technology Director Tinkoff Bank

"Since August 2012 "DataSpace Partners" is our service provider in the field of placement of computing equipment. During our cooperation the team of OOO "Dataspace partners" has confirmed its high professional status, competence and activity in solving tasks within the implementation, operation, and maintenance of the project "ТКС Банк (ЗАО)."


Roman Pavlushko
Technical Director Avito

"During the year of our cooperation there was not a single case, which would have called into question the correctness of the choice made. Professionalism, customer oriented approach, technical knowledge and physical security data center DataSpace without any doubt".


Dmitry Gachko
Director General of it-GRAD

"As part of our cooperation over the past three years, we have been providing quality colocation services in the DataSpace data center. Professional technical support team is always quick to respond and responsible attitude to our requests. During the entire period of our agreement, there has never been a case of going beyond the SLA parameters, as well as the downtime of it equipment."

Azbuka Vkusa

Vladimir Sadovin
CEO of Azbuka Vkusa

"Since the beginning of the negotiations, Dataspace experts have shown themselves exclusively on the positive side. Technical specialists and engineers of the company always competently and quickly answered our questions, gave detailed consultations on the best placement and the choice of the equipment. We are pleasantly surprised by the competence and professionalism of Your employees."

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