Private Data Hall

Your TIER III UPTIME GOLD certified Data Centre.
DataSpace’s data hall lease option is a complete solution for your main or backup data center needs.


  • Complete customization of the data hall(s) infrastructure to your requirements;
  • Rapid deployment and commissioning of your equipment;
  • Dynamic change and capacity management in accordance with your needs;
  • Space for your own on-site personnel;
  • Guaranteed power supply at any time;
  • Efficient cooling of servers and network equipment, including blade server systems;
  • High level of physical security;
  • 24/7 customer service support;
  • Peerless level of operational excellence, awarded with the Tier III GOLD certification from the Uptime Institute.


A decision to deploy critical IT equipment and systems requires a careful study of all technical and operational aspects.

DataSpace team:

  • Develop a custom solution, including an air flow simulation for the equipment that you plan to use,
  • Prepare a detailed design, simulation report and engineering solution to ensure safe and stable environment for your mission-critical equipment.
  • DataSpace data center offers turnkey implementation and deployment services, including installation, commissioning and testing of engineering infrastructure and IT equipment, with thermal imaging and mobile electrical lab tests.
  • Working in conjunction with our client`s specialists, we will define and implement the volume, scope and level of services required for uninterrupted operation over the entire lifecycle.


No waiting for your data center to be built. Historically, a long and tedious process, your business continuity must be ensured right now and maintained at all times
No need to hire operations staff for your corporate data center. DataSpace offers highly trained 24/7 customer support, armed security guards, specialized housekeeping services and maintains the facility in strict compliance with the SLA
Cost Control
In many cases, wholesale colocation solutions for your main or backup data center are much more cost effective than building your own; doubly so, if you require a guaranteed high level of service
Avoid the cost of building your own data center


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