Private Data Hall

Private Data Hall – a dedicated data center suite for hosting the equipment of a single customer. Data Hall – 250 square meters of space for up to 360 kW of load.

Your own dedicated data hall offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • Ultimate security: Access control system with proximity card and biometric readers (iris scanner and/or hand geometry reader)
  • Complete customization of the data hall(s) infrastructure to your requirements
  • Rapid deployment and commissioning of your equipment
  • Dynamic change and capacity management in accordance with your needs
  • Space for your own on-site personnel

DataSpace1’s data hall lease option is a complete solution for your main or backup data center needs. The advantages are significant:

  • Investment – Avoid the cost of building your own data center
  • Timing – No waiting for your data center to be built. Historically, a long and tedious process, your business continuity must be ensured right now and maintained at all times
  • Staffing – No need to hire operations staff for your corporate data center. DataSpace1 offers highly trained 24/7 customer support, armed security guards, specialized housekeeping services and maintains the facility in strict compliance with the SLA
  • Cost Control - In many cases, wholesale colocation solutions for your main or backup data center are much more cost effective than building your own; doubly so, if you require a guaranteed high level of service

What’s included?

  • A dedicated data hall, equipped in full compliance with your technical requirements
  • Guaranteed TIER III SLA
  • Eight (8) layers of security inside and around the data center facility, plus an additional layer - restricted access to your premises. No commercial data center in Moscow provides this level of security.
  • A wide selection of telecom operators
  • 24/7 customer service support in accordance with your SLA
  • DataSpace - a reliable and trusted partner with a solid financial foundation and millions of dollars invested in its facilities. All service levels are clearly stated in a transparent legal agreement. Financial risks are insured by a Swiss insurance company (reimbursement limit of more than $2 million USD).

Call us at +7 (495) 663-65-64, send a request to or fill out our contact form and a DataSpace consultant will be happy to discuss the specifics of your requirements.

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